Why MargiX?

MargiX is an online system integrated with AI and Bigdata Technologies, which aims to deliver indexes about trading demand and trading behavior of general market at major exchanges.

Being constantly updated, the AI system is able to track, analyze and process all behaviors from the market. Thus, we are capable of providing expected trading indexes in the future. Based on these indexes, traders can make their own prediction on the trading volume in the upcoming timeframes to come up with the optimal trading plans.

White Paper
MargiX feature images

Main Features

AI Learning

AI Learning

MargiX use AI technology to learn and predict the market

Trading Copycat Feature

Trading Copycat

Everyone can take a lead and start earning, hence making it more efficient

Token Economics

Token Economics

Customers have the chance to earn a great income monthly

Referral Bonus Program

Increasing opportunities for those who have been dedicating and promoting in the community of Margix through Referral Bonus Program as below details


Number of orders from 1 to 9 per month, customers have the chance to earn a commission of 3.3% from total revenue.


Number of orders from 10 to 19 per month, customers have the chance to earn a commission of 6.6% from total revenue.


Number of orders from 20 to 29 per month, customers have the chance to earn a commission of 10% from total revenue.


Number of orders from 30 to 39 per month, customers have the chance to earn a commission of 13.3% from total revenue.


Number of orders from 40 and above per month, customers have the chance to earn a commission of 16.6% from total revenue.

◢ With Referral Bonus Program stated above, customers have the chance to earn a great income monthly by taking care of and developing our community as well as promoting our products.

MargiX Chain

Crosschain Communication

MargiX Chain can communicate with each other, making the IoT industry more collaborative in nature. It is often found that IoT devices need to communicate with one another on different chains.

RBG Technology

MargiX Chain will optimize node selection algorithm and adjusting the weight of transactions, the network is also better suited to thwart the hash rate attack.

Multi-layers Blockchains

MargiX Chain contains multiple layers in order to make the deployment easier while enhancing efficiency, security, and scalability of the network.



MargiX’s Project Opened.


First Demo MargiX Application.


Alpha version Released for community testing.


MargiX application fully functional with big data directly from blockchain. The beginning of AI learning.


MargiX released to the public officially.


“AI market predictor” beta version.
MGX token testnet.


MGX payment gateway combined with Google Pay.


Traders ranking score system.


Unique P2P investing from the best traders.


MargiX Chain Beta.


MargiX Chain Crosschain Communication Testing.


MargiX Chain Multi Layer Blockchains Testing.


MargiX Chain Mainnet.


Joner Gorden

CEO - Co-founder

Graduated Ph.D. in Computer Science. 15+ years experience as solution/integration architect, full-stack developer and project manager for blue chip companies and more recently start-ups. In-depth experience in fin-tech sector with Google Pay, Visa and Paypal. 5+ years experience as a Forex and Cryptocurrencies Traders.

Omar Narain

Technology architect

Over 8 years of experience in fintech and data product strategy, data science products, and technology architecture, building successful SAAS, PAAS, and blockchain data services platforms in multi languages. Device Platforms: Web, Mobile, Android, IOS, Roku, and Alexa.

Lilia R. Brockman

Head of product

Global markets executive with experience in setting and executing strategy, product development, sourcing technology and services, establishing partnerships, contract negotiation and product management.

Brad Tong


9+ years experience in software development, Senior Java / J2EE / Web / Android Developer and Architect with more than 5 years experience of full time work.

Ian Yuan

Blockchain Developer

5 years experience in leading blockchain and financial parts, and design tokenomics models.

Azeem Saifi

Blockchain Analyst/Technology representatives

Experienced writer and consultant in the blockchain niche. Currently developing a VAT collection use case on Hyperledger Fabric. Working with contractors and software houses as team lead, business analyst and consultant/writer.


Token Distribution

Token Information

Token Name: MargiX
Symbol: MGX
Total supply: 1,000,000,000 MGX
Circulating supply: 400,000,000 MGX
Token Address: 0x1412f6Aa5ADC77C620715BB2a020AA690B85F68A

General description

MargiX will be released on the basis of Ethereum platform and fully comply with ERC20* standard.
Support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy integration.